Our Quality Policy

By combining the products and services offered to its customers as SDS-Solid Drilling Solutions, past knowledge and experience with today’s knowledge and technology;

  • In line with customer expectations, their needs will be met in the best way.
  • Quality Management System – To establish, implement and protect the effectiveness of ISO 9001, and to ensure its continuous development.
  • To present with the most suitable and fastest solution alternatives,
  • By following the innovations and developments in the sector with the principle of continuous improvement within the quality management systems,
  • It is carried out with the active participation of all our employees.

Manufacturing in our company; imports, exports are carried out in line with customer expectations and needs. Our first priority is to meet well-defined and defined needs and to raise the bar for customer satisfaction.

The purpose of existence of our company;

  • To keep our product and service quality by moving our brand higher and to become a leading company in its sector,
  • Ensuring our continuity with the awareness of investing in the future,
  • Our compliance with the law and our corporate identity are not damaged,
  • Our efficiency in the sector and our competitiveness and reliability in the market.

Our employees are one of our most important values, and their morale and motivation are kept high with regular trainings so that they become active and social individuals with professional competence. Our staff, who have adopted the perfectionism in our product and service approach as a style, realizes the flawless operation of our quality system. Our aim is to have one of the most important markets of the drilling industry together with our customers who prefer us.

Our successful position and appreciation, which we have achieved after quality with affordable costs, quality service with teamwork and high customer satisfaction with after sales support, motivates us to do our job better.

Our most important goal is to be a stronger company in the drilling industry and next to our customers with the successful financial results we have achieved from our main activities.

As SDS Solid Drilling Solutions, we declare and undertake to implement this policy in line with the principles stated above.

General Manager

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