Drilling Tools

Wire Line Core Barrel

SDS Wireline Core Barrels, compatible with widely used wireline systems, are manufactured Ьу using tubes purchased from worldwide known tube manufacturer companies and core barrel head assays which are controlled in each step-in production line for obtaining highest quality and efficiency

Wire Line Rods

SDS Wireline Rods, providing productivity and highest quality in deep holes with challenging formations, are manufactured by opening threads of tubes, purchased from worldwide known tube manufacturer companies via CNC Lathe Machines and applying heat induction оп threads. SDS Wireline Rods are faced with 3-step control before taking into production line, after opening threads and after heat induction in order to check rods’ mechanical properties. Thread profiles and depth of heat induction ending with imprint creation of rods in order to provide reliable and highest quality rods.

Convantional Rods

SDS DCDMA Rods, widely known as conventional rods, are manufactured Ьу opening Ьох threads at the end of both ends via CNC lathe machines and connection of threaded rods with high quality couplings. Rods may be called as “W” or “WJ” according to couplings thread profile. Conventional rods are manufactured from “А” size up to “N” size in 3 and 1 .5 meters. However, these rods may also be manufactured 1 meter, 0.75 or 0.5 meters in order to meet specific demands.


SDS Casings are manufactured from high quality cold drawn seamless steel tubes by opening box and pin threads at the end of the tube via cnc lathe machines according to DCDMA standard obtaining a healthy environment for drilling and preventing water loss. Casings are produced from “a” size to “p” size in 3 and 1,5 meters. However, casings may also be manufactured 1 meters,0,75 or 0,5 meters in order to meet specific demands.

Diamond Product

SDS Diamond products in which AAA quality synthetic or natural diamonds used, are manufactured in atmospheric controlled sintering machines. Diamond products are manufactured as impregnated or surface set diamond bits according to formation and composition.

SDS İmpregnated diamond bits, in which different size synthetic diamonds used, provide a good penetration performance even in formations that is very hard to drill because of bits ‘matrix height and water channel design.

SDS Surface set diamond bits, in which AAA quality natural diamonds in 25-40,40-60 and 60-80 spc are used, meet desired drilling conditions due to the settlement design of diamonds in bits’ mold

Synthetic diamonds, natural diamonds and tungsten carbide reinforcements are used in production of SDS diamond reaming shells in order to prevent stuck of drill strings, increase the penetration performance and life of bit. Standard matrix height of reaming shells are 35 mm that can be shifted in for meeting drilling operation demands.